The Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft is committed to democracy, freedom and progress. In a world marked by disruption, we think change forwards and help shape it responsibly. To this end, we create platforms for interdisciplinary exchange and develop courageous approaches to solutions for the questions of our time in our projects. Society and business always belong together. In our liberal democracy and social market economy, it is important to strengthen their freedom of development so that progress can be made. We are guided by the principles of our namesake Alfred Herrhausen: interdisciplinary thinking, farsightedness, courage and openness, as well as clarity and responsible thinking and acting.

In this way, we have been making a contribution to socio-political discourse since 1992.

Our work is aimed at political, economic and civil society decision-makers as well as thought leaders and think tanks. We want to empower and encourage them to make the necessary decisions with vision. We provide decision-makers with options for action so that they can shape the future for the good of our society.

At the same time, it is important for us to involve young people as the decision-makers of tomorrow. They are important sources of input and seismographs for the relevant issues in the transformation. We are convinced that the older generation can learn a lot from the younger generation - and vice versa. Only together can we succeed in achieving progress in the transformation.

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  • "What particularly appreciate about working with the Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft is that you really feel part of the team. We find professionalism with all our clients, but collegiality only with a few, and AHG is one of them." Johannes Gabriel

  • Thimo Nieselt: The Alfred Herrhausen Gesellaschaft is an important and long standing partner for us, who together with us is committed to ensuring that young voices are heard and taken seriously

  • I was very pleased and honoured to have the opportunity to be part of your forum. I enjoyed it tremendously. I also sensed the very positive atmosphere among the audience. Many congratulations for putting together such a feast.

Naturally, many imponderables accompany us in this process: Where can Europe head in the coming decades? What will international relations look like in the future? What opportunities for freedom and democracy does digitalisation offer us? None of the big questions of our time finds its answer in a monothematic or national consideration. The interdependencies of the modern world oblige us to adopt interdisciplinary perspectives, to think flexibly and to find solutions that transcend cultures and regions.

The Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft is an independent, non-profit organisation supported by Deutsche Bank. It is part of the activities with which Deutsche Bank fulfils its social responsibility.